The Who > What > When > Why??

So, this is my first attempt at creating a Blog…. Over the years i’ve always read about blogging but didnt quite understand what it exactly was.

Firstly, the “WHO”.

Most people know me as KT.  I currently work at a local web development company in Harare, Zimbabwe as a systems administrator. The web development company also happens to be involved with a local ISP company through mutual ownership,  so i’ve been privileged enough to also be involved with a fantastic ISP and all its related technologies. Over the years i’ve been involved in the IT industry in our country. Starting off as a small time technician, then progressing into the ranks of bigger and better IT companies as my “skillz” have progressed. Technology has always fascinated me from a young age.

Im just someone who is very passionate about computing and the technology associated with it. I have learned a great deal about our world through computers, and have met alot of interesting people through its use in the last 11 or so years. The internet is a very incredible tool, which has given me great opportunities to allow me to get very far in my own life. I only wish that one day everybody can be apart of this amazing human creation.

The “WHAT”.

Being part of  a technology inspired generation, i’ve been lucky (or unlucky depending on how you choose to see it) to have been able to experience alot of things that most people are not consciously aware of.  I do believe its given me a unique perspective of the world, and im hoping to use the blog to try and share my views on various topics.

The “WHEN”

As i said, web blogging has always been a blur to me, i never really understood its purpose, until a few weeks ago, when i had a great idea come to me. And i thought, how great it would be to share this idea with the world.

The “WHY”

In the last few years, i’ve been ridiculed, hated, discouraged, lied to, befriended, loved, inspired and respected. It goes without saying, that in most cases, i’ve been there and done that. And even learned a thing or two from it all. Most of all, i’ve learned of all the different kinds of people there are out there, and of all their opinions. Some people like to learn, while some people think they know it all, while some people just couldn’t care less about anything.

I’ve always believed that sharing of ideas and thoughts, is something really great, and unfortunately, in the real world, most people forget about how important it is to ‘revive’ your human side from everyday life.

and thus, i hereby dub thee “Destination Kilo Tango”.


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