To Boldy Go, Where No-one Has Gone Before!

By: KT

Mar 10 2010

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Focal Length:300mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL

Apart from the ‘Star Trek’ heading, implying my new direction in life, alot has been happening lately.

Some good things, some bad things…but, life changing never the less.

When i first started this ‘blog’, i imagined that it could be a place for me, to express my thoughts and ideas. But in the last few months, the very things that i’ve built my foundations on have come into question. My cage has been rattled, my boat rocked… etc..

Its unbelievable how much can change in your life, in such a short time….especially when you least expect it. That being said, i believe very much that everything happens for a reason. And even though that reason cant be understood or seen right now, i know it’ll come together and make sense when the time is right.

And so, i’ve decided, that like my life, i want to take this blog in a new direction. I want to make it more meaningful, and less superficial. My goal of this blog, is not to get billion web hit counts in a week, or to make this the most famous blog on the internet. Rather, id like it to be an extension of my uniqueness as a human being.

After many hours of browsing the internet for some kind of inspiration and for ideas, i’ve come across something called “photo blogging”. Its basically a blog, that uses pictures/photos as the main form of content….its the pictures that portray the ideas, thoughts and situations. Its a different approach, because a picture can be interpreted in all sorts of different ways by people, in just the same way as music or lights.

i’ve also taken a very big interest in photography recently… so with everything considered, photo blogging is perfect for me!

“Sometimes in the winds of change, we find our true direction.”


2 comments on “To Boldy Go, Where No-one Has Gone Before!”

  1. I am truly a fan now, your posts are heartfelt and honest and it was truly an enjoyable read!

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