A Day In A Life

By: KT

May 30 2010

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Category: Photography


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL

If its one thing im very sure about, its the fact that whatever happens to us, happens for a very good reason.

I dont believe in coincidence,  purely because when i look back at my own life, i can see clearly how certain events lead to other events, that all in all shaped who i am, and of where it is i am today. If it wasnt for that pattern, i would be a great believer in chance…and free will.

Predestination has always been something that fascinated me. For years and years i’ve tried to understand it, using my own life as a platform to discover its existence and meaning.

The problem is, believing in something too much, can have a negative effect of over manifesting itself in your life, whereby your beliefs take over and become more than they should. So there is a fine line between believing in something, and believing in something too much. As you get older, you kind of see the difference as clear as night and day. Too much of something is never a good thing!

But what i do know for sure, is that there is ‘something’ guiding us.. and taking us to where ever it is we’re going….

I’ve learned the following things in the last few weeks, that to me have become un-deniably true:

1 – Your life, and everything in it, are a direct reflection of the choices you have made, and the paths you have chosen.
i.e your life is the way it is, because of you and no one else.

2 – In the end, no matter what your life may be right now….but if it isnt what you expect… its very easy to blame it on what circumstances were/are. the truth is, you cannot blame anything else for the outcome of your life, besides yourself. Responsibility for your actions are the key.

3 – Ultimately, there is no such thing as true love.. it just doesnt exist in reality.  However, a little love, when it is real, does go such a long way.

4 – Fighting fire with fire, is as ridiculous as it sounds. In the end, you will get no-where, and you would’ve lost some very important things that cannot be replaced…and you’ll get to understand this the hard way.

No doubt, there is still more that i have to learn, and to experience… But for now…i think im seeing the world, exactly the way i am supposed to…..


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  1. I love this image!

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