The Power Of One

By: KT

Sep 13 2011

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Category: Photography

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Focal Length:100mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS REBEL T1i

For a long time, the strength of the human mind has always been a fascination for me. The fact that as a human being we have been blessed with this great sense of “consciousness”, which judging from our somewhat short documented history of existence, so many amazing and impossible things have been accomplished from.

So many small things happened, because a single person had “believed” in something enough to persevere through all the issues that they faced, to accomplish something that was very important to them. Some of those accomplishments changed the world, and the way we live today.

I believe in the theory of evolution to explain where we come from and how we got to be the way we are now. As evolution  happened, we as human beings were faced with many challenges. It was these very challenges that i think have given us the “instinct” that we all somehow have today. The instinct to fend for ourselves, the instinct to grow and become greater versions of ourselves, the instinct to take care of what is ours, the instinct to never give up.

Unfortunately, during the last few years, i have noticed that alot of people have lost those instincts almost completely, and have somehow evolved into a world where things are “expected”, rather than built from the ground up. People have lost the instinct to become better versions of themselves, and have rather chosen to sit quietly and contently in a place called “the comfort zone”.

What was once a pursuit of  the need to evolve, has now become a pursuit to find and stay in this sacred comfort zone. Personally, i believe too that evolution comes in two forms. The physical form and the subconscious form. In the physical form, i think we have somehow reached a place where we all need to be. We are able beings physically, but in the subconscious form, we may have taken a million steps backward from where we once were. I am not referring to intelligence, but rather the raw subconscious form of what makes us the unique beings we are, not only on our planet, but apparently in the entire part of our galaxy that we know of.

New media, religions and spiritual sects are born as well as become extinct everyday. Constantly we are being told what to believe, and what not to believe… what is right, and what is not right. To such a stage that we dont know what we truly believe anymore, but just follow whatever we can to find that “missing” something in our lives.

I believe that deep inside of every one of us, lies something very great…the very things that got us to where we all find ourselves now. Some people have found a way to harness that greatness, while others haven’t found it, and are not even aware of its existance.

“Only on paper has humanity yet achieved glory, beauty, truth, knowledge, virtue, and abiding love.”
George Bernard Shaw 


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