How did it get so late so soon?

By: KT

Jul 24 2012

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Focal Length:300mm
Shutter:8 sec
Camera:Canon EOS REBEL T1i

It seems no matter what we achieve or experience, time will always remind us that we live a somewhat finite life. Just recently i’ve started looking at my past, to see where i went wrong… mostly to see if i need to make any course corrections or changes in the direction that i want to go in the future.

Looking to your past is something that alot of ‘forward’ thinkers will say isnt a good idea at all. They’ll tell you that it will hinder your growth as well as keep your thoughts and wishes stagnant. that is all true… looking at your past, can often take you a billion steps backward. But its something that i choose to do. why? well….. i often try and keep track of who i am as a person. looking back helps me see where i was, what was important, and what i wanted to do..compared to the person i am now.

And while it can seem like mental suicide to a certain extent, i believe that only by accepting the “then and now”, can you truly move forward in your life. Alot of people say if you leave the past where it is.. you’ll go forward. True…but you’re not really accepting it… just putting it aside. Realistically its easier to forget, than to accept something that didnt work out for you. Often when you choose to deny it, you’ll find that you’re really just in a state of denial for the next few years. While that brings you comfort…you’ll find that one day, those ‘denialisms’ will start to manifest themselves in your personality, which the people you love, will have to see and feel on your behalf.

Anyway….without my past, i dont think i’d be half the person i am today. So much of the strength to overcome recent challenges came through the things i had to experience and face many years ago. And while i questioned myself back then, on why certain things happened the way they did… its only now that i can really understand and even appreciate why it happened. I had to learn back then, to be strong for now. if that makes sense?

The thing about time as well, is that it not only affects you….it affects the people you know and love. The way they interact with you, the things they see in you, the things they do, it all changes with time. Dealing with those changes can be very difficult….as you can never have control over other people like that. instead, you will find yourself hating the person you once thought the world of, or losing the friend you thought would be there your entire life. Im slowly learning that the only person you can rely on, to get you through everything that you’ll face…is yourself.

When that unexpected moment or situation comes, wouldnt you want to trust and believe in yourself, that you’ll get through it somehow? Being strong is not about believing in yourself, but also an opportunity to put all your hard earned experienced to work for you.

I’ve found that some of the strongest people, arent the ones who remind everyone that they know, that they’ll be able get through anything that life throws at them. Nope, its the people who have recognised their limits.. the people who know their weaknesses, and most importantly have accepted those weaknesses in themselves…and have identified their strengths. watch out for those kind of people! they know what they are doing 🙂

We are often lead to believe these days, that control over other people, makes you powerful. I dont think so..i think the person who can command himself is the person with the power.

Unfortunately, the clock is ticking…. and time is running out for all of us.  Time is something we’ll never grasp or understand… matter what we try. Some people ignore it, some deny it, some people just couldn’t care much about it. Ultimately it is your choice. But do not be mistaken.. the clock will keep going, whether you are ready or not.

Just one last thing, If you are lucky to have someone that you love, tell them about it right now.. tomorrow you might not get that chance.

“Don’t count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count.”





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