By: KT

Sep 23 2012

Category: Photography

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Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS REBEL T1i

For the longest time that i can remember, i have always been someone who has been fascinated by magic. As a kid, it was card tricks, big hats, waistcoats and magic wands.

I actually had my own magic wand, a little one. Infact, i think i still have it with me today….somewhere….but it has always been something that reminded me of how simple life was a young person……the simplest things brought so much joy, mystery and intrigue to my life back then. As i’ve grown up, alot of that has changed…i guess the world and the people in it have changed too.. and it soon became obvious that we live in a world which was too real. Its a world that would never stay still, and would constantly change all the time.. no matter what we do.

One thing though, that i dont think has changed, is my fascination with magic. Its always been with me….. however, just recently, i’ve realised the meaning and definition has changed a little. What was all just “smoke and mirrors” by a skilled artist who could manipulate situations, misdirect attention and create illusions right infront of us….. has now become something a little more ‘divine’ in nature.

This time, the magician is an unknown person. He creates magic in our everyday lives.. some noticeable, and some not so noticeable. Their not illusions…or trickery.. but something a little more true. This magician is someone that we cant see, speak to, or even interact with. Nope, he’s a very mysterious dude… so mysterious, that infact, we all know and feel he exists even though we dont have any physical evidence to prove it.

Anyway, as for his magic.. well.. its far from pulling rabbits out of hats. this is the kind of magic that no clever person, scientist, physicist or even psychologist can explain. its magic that appeals to every one of our five (or even six) senses. He doesnt require the use of props, assistants or even a smoke and lighting team.

So what kind of magic am i talking about here? well… im talking about the kind of magic that makes life so special.. and unique. its the magic of having someone bring out the best in you. Its the magic that makes some people become so strong during the most difficult times in their life, and not ever thinking of throwing in the towel. Or how about the moment when you realised that you loved someone more than you thought you did?…you know, that instant when it all came to you.. and you thought “oh wow” 🙂

See, these are just a few examples of the kind of magic im now seeing. Its definitely different to the stuff i was exposed to as a kid… but im sure you will agree when i say that the amazement factor is still very much there….if not even greater now. the thing though, is that with the usual card tricks.. you know that its just a series of practised moves with exaggerated parts inbetween to lure your eyes and attention. But, how would you explain the magic of having someone say something encouraging to you.. the very moment that you need it the most? there is no explanation for something like that. its something that is completely random and undetermined… yet absolutely perfect in timing and effect.

Often when these kind of things happen a few years ago, it left me confused and dazzled….. but just recently i’ve started to smile, and think to myself :

“This can only be the work of a truly magnificent magician” 🙂

After a while, you cant help but see hints of all the little flourishes and magic dust being created and used in everyday life. Life happens too quickly sometimes, but all you really need to do is slow down, and take the time to look for this magic and you’ll see it.

Unfortunately though, this magic doesnt happen all the time, and when it does, if you’re not  quick enough to recognise it.. you may miss it completely. so always be on the lookout to catch it, when it does happen! often when you least expect it 😉


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