When this baby hits 88 miles per hour

By: KT

Aug 22 2013

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Focal Length:105mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D7000

It’s been a really long time since i’ve last posted anything. Looking at the dates of my last post, i’ve realised that its almost a year..and i’ve just realised how time has just flown by. We only have 4 months to go till we reach 2014! unbelievable right?

Speaking of years, well 2013 has been quite weird for me. ALOT of changes have happened in it so far. I remember at the end of last year, everyone called ’13 “the year of change”. well, that was putting it lightly! its been the year of alot of change. As with change, its either good or bad.. but for me its been mostly bad. i have really just a handful of thoughts that are good changes.. (one being a salary change) but thats about it for now.

Im thinking that maybe, this year has been a year of transition. you know, moving from one place to another.. and this is the inbetween part.usually i find that with years, they often have a theme associated with them. Some are progressive, some are ‘retrogressive’, some are stagnant, etc. I guess it depends on the individual’s perspective as well…but generally for me, some years stick out as great one, and some not so great.

So… transitional hey? it could mean that im in the middle of a serious change that is about to unfold in the near future. good or bad who knows….though change can generally be a good thing. i used to hate change, but then i realised that change brings new things, which bring along new experiences. change is bad when you’re attached to something… and its bad when too much change happens too soon. to clarify, i like progressive change.. not the change where its instant and you have to try and deal with the shock of it, because it happened too suddenly. Does it matter as well that i’ve turned 30 this year? it could be a mental thing then. not that theres anything wrong with growing up. 🙂

Anyway, its been a sort of transition for me…. and while i’ve tried to look deeper into it, i find that this may be the part of my life when im about to enter proper adulthood. let me explain, see theres been different ‘phases’ so far in my life. from 0-12 years old was the kid phase, 13-17 was the teenage phase, 18-21 was the ‘almost an adult, but still very juvenile and stupid’ phase, 22-24 was the ‘hmm, life isnt such a big party anymore phase’, 25-29 was really a crash course in ‘what is a reality check’ phase, and now im into the next phase. i cant give it a name, because i dont know what its going to be just yet.

what i do know, is that in the next 20 years from now, i will reach my peak. the peak of my career, the peak of my intelligence, the peak of who i am as a person. Everything about who i am, and what i’ve learned will consolidate and i’ll become the absolute version of the person i was supposed to be from the very beginning. these are going to be years that i achieve all the objectives i’ve set out for myself as a teenager/young adult.

While i am a little nervous about it, im not scared. infact, i look forward to this new phase. i know that along with the good, there will be bad experiences too…. but im hoping that i’ve grown wise and strong enough the last 29 years to deal with it all the best i can.. and not lose my head along the way….

with that said, i leave you with a quote that has changed the way i think about alot of things the last few years:

“work for a cause, not for applause.
live life to express, not to impress.
dont strive to make your presence noticed,
just your absence felt”



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