Only Human After All

By: KT

Mar 18 2014

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What does it mean to be human? what is a human?

To be honest, im not quite sure of the answers to those questions. All i can do, is look into who i am and the other people i live with in this world, and hope that somehow i can come up with some kind of answer.

I know for sure that each of us live for a purpose. We are a driven being, we are programmed to build and do things. From the very beginning we all had a purpose ingrained in us to survive. As you live and get older, you may see that your purposes change… infact, i believe this is what makes us so unique. In the animal kingdom, survival and pro-creation are the only purposes that seem to exist…and are fixed for the entire life of the animal. While this is true of humans too… we have the unique ability to reason and adapt.

As humans, we have a gift to go beyond the basics of thinking and feeling. We are so good at this, that infact, we can manipulate situations with absolute precision over other humans.. in order to “survive and procreate’.

Unfortunately, while being able to reason and think, we have nastier traits built into each of us. We all know how to exploit situations and people for our own personal gain. We know how to hurt other people both mentally and physically…and we see and do all this everyday…on purpose and even unconsciously.

On the opposite side… we all have been given the gift of sentience. This gift allows us to express ourselves in different ways. Some people sing, some paint… whatever it is.. we all have a way of expressing our selves. I havent yet figured out why it is we need to express ourselves….. but we all do it… just not sure why. maybe its a way of “explaining” our personalities to other people so they’d know who we are, im not too sure. Its in the ways that we express ourselves, that we define our uniqueness.

Being a human, i often feel sometimes that we live our lives as a small part of a bigger picture. i often find myself in situations where i need to remind myself that im my own person rather than part of a collective… but i dont think this is true of everyone else. Some people like to be lead… they need to be lead…while others play the role of leaders and need to lead. Others are just happy to plot their own course…and go with it.

Humans are born with imperfections. We are flawed by default…and as we grow older, we learn to fix those flaws. While society and industry might dictate that we have to become flawless, and that we remain that way under all circumstances…. we ultimately fall victim to our our own “humanism”.

To be a human, usually means that we have faults and weaknesses that are unique to the individual. Its this very thing that creates and builds a character in someone. Unless you embrace and accept these flaws and imperfections, you can never really move on.

Everyday we are being pushed into becoming emotionless, being harder working, and groomed to be more efficient. We live in a day and age, where being human just isn’t good enough any more. We are now being driven by our own ideals, and we have lost “the reigns” so to speak. People who feel, and react to emotion are seen to be weak… so with every person you meet nowdays, its a constant battle of who can break down last. Whether at home, work or even socially…. people are fighting battles within themselves, and others…. to be stronger. We inevitably destroy the very thing that makes us human….. we lose compassion.

I dont know what the future will bring or what we will be like in 30 years time… but im pretty sure that its the emotions, feelings and thoughts that we think about now, which will determine who we become in our own future. For now, all you can do is control yourself, and control who and what you become…and hope for the best. We are unique, and this is something we need to guard and protect with every last drop of blood that runs within us.

The point is, would you rather live, and die as just another number in our society….. or live, and create you’re own legacy?

Heres a simple example of creating a legacy:

Imagine that if you met 1 random person everyday over the next 1000 days. And you did something nice or helpful for each of those people each day…. at the end of day 1000, you’d have left a legacy behind where 1000 people would remember you in some small way. Everytime they thought of you, they’d remember that you did something nice for them. Remember, its the smallest gestures that make the biggest differences sometimes.

I’ll leave you with a quote i came across a few days ago.. its from a guy who made booze for a living, but he has a good point:

“Every day we make it, we’ll make it the best we can” ~ Jack Daniel

For me, i’ve taken this in a different context…..everyday that i live, im gonna be the best that i can be. This is my choice for this life…


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