Love big, love true, in the end.. thats all you get to take with you,

Dont forget to care, and to be kind.. as its all those things which will stay behind,

Treat each day as if it were your last, as time moves silently and relentlessly fast,

Try and learn from the lessons that happened yesterday, they are important for you.. starting from today,

Remember to always smile, to laugh and to cry, because these are the things that money just cannot buy.

Acts of kindness are a start, but being a nice person requires a big strong heart,

When things ever get difficult or dark, know that deep inside of you lives a great big spark,

Dont be afraid to take a chance, everything that happens is just part of a beautiful dance,

And if ever you find yourself feeling blue, know that its sometimes required to start anew.

Trust in your abilities and your strengths, being a great person needs alot of effort and takes great lengths,

Remember those that helped you along the way, and that “thanks” should never ever be hard to say,

Dont be afraid to feel any emotion, for each of those feelings can be as deep as the ocean,

Never do anything for the glory, choose rather to make it part of your story.

Try your best never to spread hurt or hate, and know that opportunities to make things right can never be too late,

Give a hundred percent in everything you do, and the days you feel a failure will be but only a few,

Be true to yourself before anyone else always, and a legacy will be built from your genuine days,

Try and look at everything that happens in a wider view, and you’ll often find the answers..or know exactly what to do.

We each have a limited number of hours.. but if you never give up, nothing will ever be beyond your powers,

Look at the stars that shine outside as often you can, and know that ultimately there is always a greater plan,

I leave you with these words from all the things i’ve learned, remember there is no greater satisfaction.. than from all the things you’ve earned,

Make every moment count and to always be true, for there will only ever be one.. that can be called YOU!


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